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Morgan & Morgan CPAs handles all your accounting and tax needs so you can FOCUS on your patients and growing your Chiropractic Practice.

Leverage Our Chiropractic Industry Expertise

Busy educating your patients on pain management, enhancing patient care, recruiting and maintaining qualified staff? The countless number of tasks associated with running a successful practice leaves you with little time to deal with your numerous accounting and tax responsibilities. That is where the value of our industry-specific expertise comes in.

Our chiropractic industry expertise along with our accounting and tax expertise frees you and your staff from the many time-consuming, complex accounting and tax related tasks, so you can spend more time serving your patients and growing your Chiropractic Practice.

We maintain an in-depth understanding of the chiropractic industry through active memberships with the following organizations that promote the chiropractic profession.

  • Michigan Association of Chiropractors (MAC)
  • Michigan Chiropractic Pediatric Association (MCPA)

We are extremely familiar with your day-to-day operations, patient billing routine, third-party services structure (i.e. massage therapy, hydro therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture) and much more. Count on the power of our industry knowledge to provide cutting edge value-added solutions to your specific challenges.

We will become your internal accounting department by taking over all those time-consuming, complex accounting and tax related tasks that take you away from what you do best in order to allow you to focus on your patients and your business giving you back an even work life balance.

Our fee is set at a fixed monthly rate which allows you easy budgeting of your accounting costs for the entire year! Even better, our fee is an all in one cost which will save you money over having several separate charges for each professional service. We also customize our services to build the package that best fits your current needs, for example try starting with our full-service paperless payroll and add our bookkeeping and tax service option as needed.

Our Client Access Points are especially designed to process all your accounting and tax related functions within a completely digital or paperless workflow. Our web-based platform offers value beyond a simplified workflow; it gives you unlimited convenience with secure access anytime/anywhere to all your financial information.

It is more than just cool technology ... it is cost-effective efficiency in action!

Take advantage of the following professional services offered with our Chiropractors package:

  • Cash Flow Management with our Paperless Bill Payment Services
  • Reconcile / Balance Bank Accounts
  • Reconcile Credit Card Accounts
  • Complete Paperless Payroll Processing
  • Preparing and Filing all Payroll Tax Returns
  • Prepare W-2 Forms for your employees
  • Prepare 1099 Forms for vendors
  • Prepare Business Income Tax Returns
  • Prepare Practice Performance and Cost Management Reports
  • On-going Accounting and Tax Support -- i.e. Contractor vs. Employee Analysis

When you consider the many hours spent on time-consuming, complex accounting and tax related tasks, it makes sense to outsource these tasks so you and your staff can spend more time serving your patients and growing your Chiropractic Practice.

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